Thug Life | Double Perculator Green - H:43cm - Ø:50mm - SG:29.2mm Black with 6 shooter

Thug Life | Double Perculator Green - H:43cm - Ø:50mm - SG:29.2mm Black with 6 shooter

This amazing Double Perculator Series from Thug Life is a strurdy piece of borosilicate with beautifull double showerhead percolater. Created with a design inspired from the nature has 29.2mm parts and comes with 6 shooter, a kick hole and ice notches to hold some ice cubes and cool the smoke. All Thug Life series are made of a robust heat proof borosilicate glass, formed in the shape of a beaker base tube. A detachable double showerhead percolator with a sure ground of 29.2mm is used as means of spreading your smoke into the tube in order to get filtered by the water. The sure ground connects to a green bowl for placing your herb or tobacco. The bowl has a handle that makes it easier to use, as long as you can lift it up and clean it at your convenience. The bong includes also some ice noches that can hold a few cubes, for cooling your smoke, and a kickhole with a rubber carb stopper that gives you the option of a different pull angle. With the golden Thug Life logo featuring in the middle of the tube, the whole set-up ends up in a cosy green mouthpiece ring covered by some glass beads beautifullly embossed all around.

adapter = 11cm

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  • TL02G

  • Thickness: 5mm
    Diameter: 50
    Sidecar: No
    Stemless: No
    Bent Neck: No
    Perculator: Yes, Showerhead perc
    Color: Green
    Height: 43
    Number of Perculators: 2
    Oil: No
    Carton: 10pcs
    Ice: Yes
    Socket: 29.2mm
    Shape: Beaker
    Led: No
    Recycler: No